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Remaking your neighborhood into a network of trust, sharing, and resilience.

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Remaking your neighborhood into a network of trust, sharing and resilience

Ask for and Offer Help

Share Items

Organize Events

Local Know-How

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Neighborhood Watch

Build Community, Save Money!

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CloseKnit Commandments


Remain Honest, Transparent and Accountable.


Treat the User as the Customer, never as a Product.


User-Data is their own - never shared without consent.


User's Behavior will not be studied and monetized on


Serve our Users and their Communities above all else.


Give Back to the Community through better service.


Promote Real-Life connections between our Users.


Respect and Cherish our Living Planet.

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From design and animation to software development, our team is committed to strengthening communities and empowering neighborhoods through CloseKnit. 

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